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The power of the shaft is too high

The power of the shaft is too high.

Possible Reasons:
1. The gland assembly is too tight, and the stuffing is overheated.
2. Parts friction inside the slurry pump chamber.
3. Bearing is damaged.
4. The belt at the motor is too tight.
5. The flow rate of the pump is too high.
6. The rate of revolution of the pump is too high.
7. The motor shaft and slurry pump shaft is not co-centric or not parallel.

1. Loose the bolt of the gland assembly.
2. Adjust space to eliminate friction.
3. Replace the bearing.
4. Adjust the belt.
5. Adjust the work condition of the pump.
6. Adjust the speed of revolution.
7. Adjust the motor shaft and slurry pump shaft.
       If you still have not solved the problem, please email its details to . We would like to offer you the solutions according to your special condition.

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