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A Two-Day Trip to Beijing of Heavy Members

       July 27th, our company organized a two-day trip to Beijing-a city that never sleeps in china and the capital of the country. It's an annual activity.It's an employee benefit given by our company and it reveals our philosophy of caring about our employees. We all felt the strong cultural atmosphere of the city. 
       Our plan of the second day was to watch the raising of the national flag. When the national anthem was played we could see the rising of the flag against the wind. No other sounds could be heard.   We were shocked by the dignity of the ceremony.  It raised our national spirits.  Besides, we also visited the imperial Palace,the official residence of every imperial in history.The color sheme of the buildings are  mainly yellow and red which conveys a feeling of majesty. Climbing the Great Wall was another importance experience in our tour. I have to say that we were totally worn out. But the splendidness of the Great Wall really made us exclaim the wisdom of the common people. Then, it came the relax journeys to the summer Palace and the Underwater world where we had a good time.
       On July 28th, tired but happy, we got on to the train and return back to home. We appreciate the happiness that the journey brought to us. While providing the employees a good opportunity of relax themselves from the busy work, it also made the members of our company to get together and enhanced their friendship. Thus, strengthen the unity of the company.

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