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How to start up the slurry pump correctly?

       The initial starting sequence detailed is intended to bring the system up to operating condition safely with minimal effort. Following those instructions and this simple checklist will have the pumps on line quickly: 
1. Verify that all guards, piping, and instrument connections are properly installed and tightened.
2. Open the suction valve completely and verify there are no obstructions in the suction flow.
3. Fill the sump and system as full as possible. The sump should be at operating level but must be at least above the level of minimum suction head (NPSHR) required by the slurry pump.
a. If mechanical seals are used, the pump cavity must have fluid at least above the top of the suction line. If equipped, turn on flush or cooling supply valves.
b. For stuffing boxes, turn on the gland water supply. Verify flow and pressure are in accordance with the Excellence Maintenance Manual and water is dripping from the gland.
c. Never start or run the pump with zero flow!
d. Turn on any cooling water or fans for other equipment.
4. Close the discharge valve.
a. For vertical discharge pumps or systems with air in the discharge piping, open the discharge valve an inch or two (25 – 50 mm) before starting. This will let the air bleed out as the pump comes up to speed.
b. Do not open the valve past 25% or the pump could rotate in reverse during backflow.
5. Check that all personnel and loose items are clear of the pump and rotating elements.
6. Jog the motor to verify that pump rotation is correct.
7. Start the motor. The pump should reach operating speed in just a few seconds.
8. As the pump reaches operating speed, fully open the discharge valve.
Do not allow the pump to operate with the valve closed as there is a danger of steam generation and explosion!
9. Inspect the pump and drive components for any leaks or unusual vibrations.
       After the pumps have been operating and the system is full, the pumps can be stopped by closing the discharge valve as the pump is shut off. This will reduce backflow potential in the system.
       Never close the suction valve while the pump is running or coasting down, as this could create cavitations. Starting the slurry pumps during normal slurry operation may be done in this same manner.

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